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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Delaware River – April 20th to 23rd 2023

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Shad Fishing Contest Rules


Shad Fishing Contest Rules

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News & Events

   News & Notes:
Welcome to our new website, courtesy of D.C. Helms Inc. Phillipsburg, N.J. New for this year, is the option for online registration. Please note that you can only register and pay for one person at a time. Follow the online instructions to choose either adult, or kids option, and shirt size. Membership to the Delaware River Shad Fishermen’s Association will no longer be included with your shad contest registration. If you wish to remain a member, you can renew at DRSFA.ORG. We are asking that contestants try to pick up your contest t/shirt, either during the contest, or Monday April 24, 6pm, at the awards ceremony, located at the Phillipsburg boat launch.

Fishing Guide Services:
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2023 Shad Contest Dates Are April 20, 21, 22, 23

2023 Banquet Date Is March 18  6PM at Alpha Vol. Fire Hall   1109 Lee Ave.  Alpha, N.J. 08865
$35 per person,  pay at the door,  kids 15 & under are free

2023   Get Together Dates
Saturday:    Dec 17th      Fat Jacks’ Sports Bar   Freemansburg  Ave.  Easton
Saturday:    Jan  14th      Riverside Bar & Grill  Rt 611 North   Easton, Pa
Saturday:    Jan  28th     Dub’s on 5th   West Easton  6pm
Saturday & Sunday  Feb 4th & 5th  Mayberry  Marine  Open House  Sat 8am to 3pm  Sun 9am to 1pm

Our 1st get together was a good one. We usually start off with just a handful, but 19 anglers showed up. In attendance was Devlin Mackey, from Mackey’s Orchard. He brought everyone a supply of Apple Cider Donuts. Bob Mayberry announced that  an 18 foot Yamaha G3 Boat and trailer have been approved, along with a Yamaha 90/65 Jetdrive. We took a group photo to send into Yamaha Motor Company, and Yamaha G3 Boat Company. Thank you to Darrel Moshler, our Yamaha Sales Rep, Ron Zastocki, our Yamaha Service rep, and everyone at Yamaha G3 Boats, and Yamaha Motor Corporation, for their continued support of the Bi State Shad Fishing Contest. Our next get together will be in January, and i will post date and location once determined. Happy Holidays

Results for the 2022 Shad Contest

The Top Ten Finishers Of The 2022 Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest are as follows

1ST- $20.000 Bill Gordon, Media, Pa. 5.555 lb
2ND- $3,000 Thomas Fretz, Richlandtown, Pa 5.320 lb
3RD- $ 2,500 Charlie Roberts, Gilbert, Pa 5.070 lb
4TH- $1,300 Terry Nansteel, Bangor, Pa 4.860 lb
5TH- $1,250 Steve Kollar, Washington Crossing, Pa 4.655
6TH- $1,200 Joe Kalmar, Breinigsville,Pa 4.625 lb
7TH- $1,150 Ron Worman, Easton, Pa 4.620 lb
8TH- $ 1,100 Chris Hendershot, Easton, Pa 4.570 lb
9TH- $ 1,050 David Fogel, Weisport, Pa 4.540 lb
10TH- $ 1,000 James Ashe, Columbia,N.J 4.540 LB

The Top 4 Daily Prize Winners Are As Follows
Day 1
1ST- $250    Steve Kollar, Washington Crossing 4.655 lb
2ND- $200   Bill Gordon, Media, Pa 4.450 lb
3RD- $150   Rich Stagaard, Phillipsburg, N.J 4.340 lb
4TH- $100   Kelly Bogoly, Easton, Pa 4.300 lb

Day 2
1ST- $250    Bill Gordon, Media, Pa 5.555 lb
2ND- $200   James Hanley, Allentown, Pa 4.495 lb
3RD- $150   Bob Kuntz, Southampton, Pa 4.485 lb
4TH- $100   Don Murphy, Phillipsburg,N.J 4.405

Day 3
1ST- $250    Terry Nansteel, Bangor, Pa 4.860 lb
2ND- $200   David Fogel, Weisport, Pa 4.540 lb
3RD- $150   Michael Rosado, Davenport, FL 4.52
 4TH- $100  George Hofmeister Sr., Levittown,Pa 4.440 lb

Day 4
1ST- $250    Thomas Fretz, Richlandtown, Pa 5.320 lb
2ND- $200  Charlie Roberts, Gilbert,Pa 5.070 lb
3RD- $150   Joe Kalmar, Breinigsville,Pa 4.625 lb
4TH- $100   Ron Worman, Easton Pa 4.620 lb

The Final results for the kids age 11 & under bonus prizes are as follows

1ST-  $300   Nicholas Nansteel, Bangor, Pa    4.270 lb
2ND- $200   Aaron Tilstra, Milford,N.J.   4.055 lb
3RD- $150   Cayson Johnson, Washington Crossing, Pa  4.055 lb
4TH- $125   Nicholas Nansteel, Bangor, Pa 4.000 lb
5TH- $100   Parker Lee, Macungie, Pa 3.950 lb

The Final results for the kids age 12 to 15 bonus prizes are as follows

1ST- $300    Jacob Hockman, Pen Argyl, Pa 4.175 lb
2ND- $200  Ryan Thomas, Nazareth, Pa 4.160 lb
3RD- $150  Tristan Fawthrop, Milford, Pa 4.105 lb
4TH- $125  Tailyn Faulkner, Easton, Pa 3.845 lb
5TH- $100   Bradford Hofmeister, Warminster, Pa 3.780 lb

The final results for the women’s bonus prizes are as follows

1ST- $300    Sara Berquam, Pine Island, MN 4.530 lb
2ND- $200   Phyliss Lear, Easton, Pa 4.330 lb
3RD- $100    Kelly Bogoly, Easton, Pa 4.300 lb

Senior Bonus Prize  AGE 65 TO 74
$100- Joe Kalmar, Breinigsville, Pa  4.625 lb

Senior Bonus Prize  AGE 74 +
$100- George Hofmeister, Levittown, Pa.   4.440

Veterans Bonus Prize
$400- George Hofmeister Sr., Levittown, Pa.   4.440

G3 Bonus Prize
$500-  Robert Dancho, Bethlehem, Pa.  4.490

G3 Boat Winner:  Trent Barany, Phillipsburg, N.J.

The Awards Ceremony is at the Weighstation, Located at the Phillipsburg, N.J. Boat Launch 6pm tonight 4/25/22
There was a typo on the rules and regulations showing it to be 6:30.  Rules have been corrected, and start time is 6pm


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The 2023 Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest registration is now open.

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Hellertown PA 18055-9779



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