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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Delaware River – April 25th to 28th 2024

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Shad Fishing Contest Rules


Shad Fishing Contest Rules

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News & Events

News & Notes:

Welcome to our website, courtesy of D.C. Helms Inc. Phillipsburg, N.J.  Online registration. Please note that you can only register and pay for one person at a time. Follow the online instructions to choose either adult, or kids option, and shirt size. We are asking that contestants try to pick up your contest t/shirt, either during the contest, or Monday April 29 2024  6pm, at the awards ceremony, located at the Phillipsburg boat launch.

Fishing Guide Services:
See a list of fishing guides below or Visit our links page

Questionnaire – Yamaha Motors & Yamaha G3 Boats

Yamaha, & Yamaha G3 Boats came on board as our title sponsor in 2017, and sponsored a 16 foot jetboat package, that is given away by drawing every year. This is done through Bob Mayberry & Family, at Mayberry Marine, in Port Murray NJ.   Starting in 2021, Yamaha & Yamaha G3 Boats increased the giveaway boat package, to an 18 foot Yamaha G3, with a Yamaha 90/65 jet drive, and  Bear Trailer.  Our Yamaha Service Rep, and our Yamaha Sales Rep, are setup at the weigh station each year. It has been observed, that since the give away boat started, that we are seeing more G3 Boats, and Yamaha Motors, at the Phillipsburg, NJ Boat Launch every year.

With this observation, we are polling boat owners for the Make of your Boat, and the Make of your Motor.

Please visit our Questionnaire page, fill out the form and let us know about your boat and engine or email, or call 610-762-0440

Thank You for Your help!

Please fill out our Shad Fishing Tally Sheet PDF

Tally Sheet


Our Grand Prize has increased to $25,000 for 2024

The Top Ten Finishers Of The 2024 Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest are as follows

1ST- $25,000   Ryan Peterson, Easton, Pa. 5.185 lb
2ND- $3,000    Steve Kollar,  Washington Crossing, Pa.  5.180 lb
3RD- $ 2,500   Mickey Kitchen, Blairstown, N.J.  5.170 lb
4TH- $1,300     Ron Bane Sr, Frackville, Pa  5.130 lb
5TH- $1,250     George Behre, Ruckersville, NJ. 5.120 lb
6TH- $1,200     Jared Casciole, Easton, Pa. 5.090 lb
7TH- $1,150     Robin Bet, Bangor, Pa 5.085 lb
8TH- $ 1,100    Michael Joirle, Myrtle Beach S.C. 5.025 lb
9TH- $ 1,050    Patricia Getz, Easton, Pa 4.985 lb
10TH- $ 1,000 Tom Meixsell, Nazareth, Pa. 4.979 LB

Day 1 Results

1. $250  Ryan Peterson        5.185lb
2. $200 Mickey Kitchen        5.170lb
3. $150  George Behre          5.120lb
4. $100  Roger Randall         4.865lb

Day 2 Results:

1. $250   Steve Kollar       5.180lb
2. $200   Ron Bane Sr       5.130lb
3. $150   Patricia Getz      4.985lb
4. $100   Tom
Meixsell     4.979 lb


Day 3 Results

1. $250    Robin Bet               5.085lb
2. $200    Michael  Jiorle       5.025lb
3. $150    Jacob Hockman     4.860lb
4. $100    Harper Getz           4.810lb

Day 4 Results

1. $250  Jared  Casciole      5.090lb
2. $200  Pat Clinese            4.930lb
3. 150  Ken Hess                  4.790lb
4. $100  Collin Miller          4.770lb

Kids Age 11 & Under
1st $300    Harper Getz   4.810 lbs
2nd $200  Ainsley Ellis   4.420 lbs
3rd $150   Reagan McGuinness  4.255 lbs

4th $125    Miguel Mendez   4.250 lbs
5th $100   Alexianna Nansteel   4.170 lbs

Kids Age 12 to 15
1st $300      Jacob Hockman      4.860 lbs
2nd $200    Brayden Kirkland  4.450 lbs 
3rd $150     Brayden Kirkland   4.355 lbs

4th $125      Tristan Fawthrop   4.210 lbs
5th $100      Carmine Waskiel    4.200 lbs


Women’s Bonus Prizes
1st      $300      Harper Getz   4.810 lbs
2nd    $200     Tailyn Faulkner  4.745 lbs
3rd    $100       Laverne Stephens   4.430 lbs
Sr Bonus Prize Age 65 to 74

4.775  John Kulak   $100

Sr Bonus Prize Age 75 & Up

4.865    Roger Randall   $100

Veterans Bonus Prize

$500   Ron Bane Sr    5.130lbs

Congratulations to Ernest Lane Winner of the 18 foot Yamaha G3 Boat with a 90/65 Yamaha Jet Drive. 

Shad Fishing Report:  4/10/24    Shad fishing resumed this past Sunday, after last weeks rain event. Reports were not good, as the river was still high, with debri throughout the water column. I managed 1 shad, and a rainbow trout. Most reports in Easton were 1 to 3 shad. Monday reports were better, and the lower part of the  river was much better. Tuesday the reports were better up and down the river, but the lower Delaware was much better. Easton reports were in the 10 to 20 range. Wednesday, the reports were excellent up past Easton. I was out from 7am to 11:30 am and went 33 for 37.  I got reports in the 30’s  40’s 60’s, shad caught range.  The upper river is still slow, but should pick up after this next rain event.  Get out there between the rain events, the river  has good pods of shad moving up. Good Luck

Shad Fishing Report:  4/11/24   I  Could only fish until 11am today, so I stayed near the boat launch. I dropped 1st line in at 6:40am, and was hooked up before I picked up a 2nd rod. I landed 62 shad, and lost many more. There was one other boat, and shore anglers on both sides of the Lehigh falls. Everyone was getting hooked up non stop. Rusty Held was out for 2 hours after work and landed 40 in 2 hours.  All other reports were the same.  The shad run is in full swing.  The river is coming back up from the latest rain event, but not as bad as the last rain event. I usually start back up a day or 2 after the river crests. Good Luck to everyone, and be safe out there

2024 Shad Contest Dates Are April 25, 26, 27, 28 

If you are looking to book a shad fishing trip for 2024,  the following guides have trips available

Finseeker River Guide Service
Tim Keebler
215 262 4811

Big D River Guide Service
Dieter Scheel
610 574 7519

Lambertville Area

Rusty Balls Tackle & Guide Service
Rusty Held
484 239 4723

Easton Area

Fresh Water Krew Guide Service
Nick Picone
908 310 5874
multi species fishing guide
Easton, Raubsville, Riegelsville Area

Freedom Outdoors Guide Service
Craig  McGuinness
908 392 3699

Bass Chaser Guide Service
Capt. Karl
215 840 3093
Shad, Stripers, Flatheads, Snakeheads, & Smallmouth Bass


Our schedule has changed:      Bob Mayberry Open House has been rescheduled for May, date TBD
We will be at the Sandbar on March 30th instead. The Sandbar came on as a Corporate sponsor this year.


2024 Get Together  Dates 6pm start times

Saturday  January 13 @ 6pm    Riverside Barr & Grill
Saturday  January 27 @ 6pm    Dub’s on 5th
Saturday  February 3 @ 6pm    Domenico’s Pizzeria & Liquor  507 US-46, Belvidere, NJ
Saturday  February 17@ 6pm   Italian American Social Club   Pursel & Mill Streets  Phillipsburg NJ 08865
Saturday  February 24 @ 6pm  Dub’s on 5th  West Easton
Saturday  March 2 @ 6 pm      Tiptons Tavern
Saturday  March  9  @ 6pm     Banquet:   Alpha Vol Fire Hall  1109 Lee Ave  Alpha, NJ 08865

Saturday  March 16 @ 6pm      Hootz Bar 12 River Rd  Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Saturday  March 23 @ 6pm     Huntington Vol Fire Co  1 Maple Ave  Phillipsburg, NJ 08865   Buy & Sell, Show & Tell
Saturday March 30  @ 6pm     The Sandbar   4 Union Square #2   Phillipsburg,NJ
Saturday  April  6  @ 6 pm       The Richmond Hotel  8491 N. Delaware Dr.  Bangor, Pa 18013
Saturday April 13  @ 6 pm       Pizza Villa  (formerly ILL GAETTANO’S Restaurant)  665 Columbus Ave  Phillipsburg, NJ
Thursday April 18 @ 6pm        Riverside Barr & Grill     Changed from April 17 to April 18


Our annual banquet will be held on Saturday March 9th 2024  6pm @ the Alpha Vol Fire Hall 1109 Lee Ave Alpha, NJ 


2023 Bi State Shad Fishing Contest Results

1st $20,000 Steve Kollar 5.605 lbs
2nd $3,000 Keith Kulp 5.205 lbs
3rd $2,500 John Davis 5.100 lbs
4th $1,300 Ted Bench 5.075 lbs
5th $1,250 Eric Bossert 5.050 lbs
6th $1,200 Bonnie Blanchard 4.700 lbs
7th $1,150 Dave Perruso 4.665 lbs
8th $1,100 Rick Tompkins 4.655 lbs
9th $1,050 Paul Chontofalsky 4.640 lbs
10th $1,000 Zack Zupan 4.560 lbs
Day 1 Daily Prizes
1st $250 Dave Perruso 4.665 lbs
2nd $200 Jack Esterly 4.400 lbs
3rd $150 Jesse Bardwell 4.300 lbs
4th $100 Fred Hicks 4.295 lbs
Day 2 Daily Prizes
1st $250 Eric Bossert 5.050 lbs
2nd $200 Paul Chontofalsky 4.640 lbs
3rd $150 Scott Caramella 4.545 lbs
4th $100 Gus Jiorle 4.525 lbs
Day 3 Daily Prizes
1st $250 Steve Kollar 5.605 lbs
2nd $200 Keith Kulp 5.205 lbs
3rd $150 John Davis 5.100 lbs
4th $100 Zack Zupan 4.;560 lbs
Day 4 Daily Prizes
1st $250 Ted Bench 5.075 lbs
2nd $200 Bonnie Blanchard 4.700 lbs
3rd $150 Rick Tompkins 4.655 lbs
4th $100 Cody Blanchard 4.400 lbs
Kids Age 11 & Under
1st $300 Macy Silva 4.255 lbs
2nd $200 Miguel Mendez 4.215 lbs
3rd $150 Cayson Johnson 4.185 lbs
4th $125 Harper Getz 3.950 lbs
5th $100 Carter Becker 3.810 lbs
Kids Age 12 to 15
1st $300  Cody Blanchard  4.400 lbs
2nd $200  Carmine Waskiel   4.235
3rd $150   Tristan Fawthrop   3.960
4th $125   Cole Sacks      3.815
5th $100   Dionte Wheeler    3.760
Women’s Bonus Prizes
1st $300 Amanda Johnson 4.260 lbs
2nd $200 Macy Silva 4.255 lbs
3rd $100 Patricia Getz 4.075 lbs
Veterans Bonus Prize
John Davis $200 5.100 lbs
Senior Bonus Prize Age 75 & Up
Paul Chontofalsky $100 4.640 lbs
Senior Bonus Prize Age 65-74
Raymond Raabe $100 4.185
G3 Bonus Prize
Scott Caramella $500 4.545 lbs

Congratulations to Micheal Giuglianotti, the winner of the 18 foot Yamaha G3 Boat with a Yamaha 90/65 jetdrive.  We will be installing a floor kit, console, steering, and controls.

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